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Only green tech follows sustainable energy development, green energy technologies, climate change, environmental protection, and mobility. The website provides information, data, and tools to help individuals and institutions find ways to reach their energy goals through alternative and renewable fuels, advanced vehicles, and other fuel-saving measures. We support the creation sharing, quality control, and public disclosure of information related to energy consumption, energy costs, and emissions related to energy production and consumption with the integration of the perspectives of science, industry, and citizens.

The strategic goals are:

  • Maximize the potential of data, technology, and digitization
  • Providing helpful information in a real time-frame
  • Supporting implementation and transitions towards sustainability
  • Providing (for your business) timely input on solutions to sustainability challenges
  • Creating resources for future common goals
  • Implementing the environment-friendly future through projects

We believe knowledge and society are a vital mixture of change. The purpose is to achieve a 100% renewable energy future. We have done scientific work in many different fields of environmental science, including but not limited to biodiversity and ecosystems; climate change mitigation, human health and the environment; sustainability trends, prospects, and responses.

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People should have values, so by extension, a company should. And one of the things you do is give back. So how do you give back? We give back through our work in the environment, in running the company on renewable energy. We give back in job creation.– Tim Cook

26% of the world’s electricity comes from renewable sources

Electricity production from renewable sources increased by nearly 7% in the last year

It is expected that electricity production from renewable sources will rise to 45 percent by 2040

The world’s electricity

Today, the world covers most of its energy needs, mostly with non-renewable energy sources. The general sources of fossil fuels are coal, oil, and natural gas. Renewable energy sources give far less energy, and non-nuclear fuels give the least. Climate change and damage to human health populations are caused by the release of large amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Therefore, fossil fuels are being replaced by renewable energy sources. It also comes to an increase in the price of fossil fuels which puts pressure on the global economy in the world.

Worldwide power

By 2050, we could get all the energy and power we need from renewable sources. Clean, low-cost, environment-friendly energy that would be enough for the entire population. That would solve most of the problems related to climate change and the increasingly rare sources of fossil fuels. The world must move from the unsustainable energy paradigm in which it currently finds itself to a future entirely driven by renewable energy.

Only such a transition can help us avoid the most terrible consequences of climate change. Be the change you want in the world. Start with yourself and your home by switching to renewable energy sources.

Renewable energy

The world’s sustainability

According to some American ecologists and economists, three principles define the sustainability of any material:

  • The consumption rate of non-renewable sources must be less than the development rate of renewable substitutes.
  • Renewables should be used at speeds equal to or less than their regeneration levels.
  • The natural environment’s absorption and regeneration capacity need to be taken care of.

In other words, the focus should be on developing more and more renewable substitutes for old energy sources. Moreover, renewable energy sources should not be handled at speeds higher than their renewal levels. 


Other definitions of sustainable development say it is an integral financial, technological, human, and cultural development. However, it has to be harmonized with the needs of protection and development of the environment. As a result, we would have improved the quality of life for all future generations. It means that society should develop the ecological possibilities and abilities renewal resources that man uses by nature.

Every time we use electricity or any other energy resource irrationally, we contribute to the greenhouse effect. We should all try to be more energy efficient in our homes, workplaces, and schools. Even though as individuals we cannot achieve great effects nevertheless when we all change our habits together we can achieve significant changes.

Energy efficiency refers to technical devices and certain measures and behaviors when the goal is to reduce energy consumption to a minimum, without compromising the level of comfort or efficiency in doing business.

Energy efficiency

Loss reduction


Impower climate action

Reduce pollution


Give back to the Earth

Value natural resources


Why invest in green technology and green economy?

Investing in Green Technology benefits the economy and the environment.

For the environment:

  • conservation of valuable natural resources
  • pollution reduction
  • healthier environment

For households:

  • increase in property value
  • higher level of energy efficiency by introducing highly efficient technologies that use renewable energy sources
  • increase in the household budget due to reduction of associated costs
  • more significant equipment reliability

For companies and small businesses:

  • higher turnover of products and services
  • higher sales/production of energy-efficient and renewable energy technologies
  • greater availability of green technologies and solutions for the housing sector
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What we do

The project is aimed individuals and institutions at the national and local level, international organizations, investment funds, consulting companies, entrepreneurs, civil society organizations, as well as other stakeholders who want ancestors of clean and green energy.

 All our advisory services are free.

We offer

  • Advising on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources 
  • The fight against energy poverty 
  • Modern technologies

Our mission is to spread clean, green energy.

We want to reduce energy costs, reduce pollution caused by energy consumption and production, and reduce energy poverty. The goal is to spread this idea globally.

electric cars

What is green technology?

Green technologies aim to preserve the environment through sustainable development and recycling, water purification, renewable energy sources, etc. Another key component of green technologies production is reducing the amount of energy used and carbon emissions released throughout the production process collecting materials for ships used for their transport to stores.

The idea is partly related to the materials used in computer production, mobile phones, televisions, and dozens of other electrical devices. For example, the plastic we see in all these cables often burns to get the precious copper in it, and hazardous chemicals are released into the air during the process. It can lead to the development of acid rain and further damage to the environment.

Only green tech promotes that electronics manufacturers invest in environmentally friendly materials, although it is cheaper to use more toxic materials when making devices.


So what makes a device green?

Devices are designed to gradually reduce energy consumption and have a lower environmental impact. It doesn’t just imply that they use less electricity than standard outlets. Green-tech uses materials and manufacturing processes that are less energy-intensive than traditional methods, and they even use renewable and natural materials whenever possible.

Only green tech strongly supports green technology and encourages everyone to try. Save the planet Earth! Only such a shift will allow us to avoid the most heinous consequences of climate change. Make the world a better place by being the change you want to see. Begin by switching to renewable energy sources for yourself and your home.

We should not forget that, despite all the efforts that individuals and organizations invest in preserving the environment and reducing the harmful effects of human impact on the environment, the planet is becoming more and more polluted every day. It is also certain that this year’s day of the Earth will not differ significantly from other days of the year. Therefore, it is necessary to raise the awareness of each individual about the importance that may have a little of his attention and effort. Everyone should be involved in influential phenomena to set an example of responsible behavior like Only green tech.


Meet our team

We are a team of scientists who want to make the world a cleaner and better place.

Data Analyst & Photography Director
A passionate photographer who captures moments and uses images to tell a story. Very technical, qualitative, and quantitative while meeting the project’s needs and deadlines.
Environmentalist, Writer & Project Manager
A scientist and a writer with significant experience in planning, Executing, and Closing Projects — defining the project, building its comprehensive work plan, and managing the budget.



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