About Us

What happens when a brother and sister agree to start a business together? The job they do is not out of necessity but out of love for science and the environment. It is an example of the excellent combination of strength, skills, and talents of both partners. Understanding your weakness and overcoming them the only way to proceed forward in life and business. No one can do it all, but a great partnership can offer the most benefits of multiple fields. “As a brother and sister, we are always honest with each other, and we make any decision together,” Nikola said.

“When a hobby becomes a job, no matter how hard it is and no matter what problems need to be overcome, it becomes a pleasure.”


What or who inspires you? 

Nina: My inspiration comes from many things, sometimes I get inspired by where I am at, being outdoors or read about historical figures, sometimes through pictures in design or scientific magazines, I even will get inspired by seeing different landscapes; it all depends on the project and what the requirements are.

Nikola: My inspiration comes from the inside most of the time. However, when we work together, I am inspired by how much time and effort Nina spent understanding the issues and problems which concerned our projects.

What makes your offer special in the market?

Nina: Natural ability to organize effectively makes me different. It is also the ability to empathize and relate with people. But, the strongest argument is, I serve to help people.

Nikola: Most of our services are free!

What does the future look like? 

The twenty-first century is the time to make a change in the world. Everyone, governments, and individual citizens should deal with societal issues like pollution, depletion of natural resources, green glass effect, and climate change.

People can play a key role in constructing a green future through legislation, research, education, incentives, and forward-thinking.

Only green tech believes that the future of the planet Earth will be bright and green, and people can be sure that we will not deviate from their set goals and that we will not meet achieved. Everything you need to know about us is that we believe in a better future.

Can Europe be climatically neutral by the year 2050?

Yes, Europe can be climatically neutral by the year 2050. Laws of energy consumption are the first steps on the long path of the change, whose outcome should be climatic neutrality.

Specific actions expecting us in the following decades we will define through a new energy development strategy. This path is irreversible, with many challenges. We believe Only green tech can be our growth model in the long run, in which we will reconcile interest in energy security and quality of life that makes a healthy environment.

Everything about us and our work has suggested that Europe and other developed parts of the world can be climatic natural in the future. If you have any comments or questions about us and our work, feel free to contact us.


Our Founders

Nikola was born on December 15, 1998, in South Europe. He is a mathematician by education and a photographer and hiker by choice and love. His first love for photography began at a very early age. However, Nikolas’s professional breakthrough followed the publication of his first portfolio in 2015. Between 2015 and 2017, Nikolas’ work and reputation developed.


Creative Director

Nina was born on September 20, 1993, in South Europe. She has two college degrees and a Master’s in Physics. In addition to her love of Physics, she is an amateur astronomer and an environmentalist.

Project manager & Developer

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