Thinking about pellet and pellet stoves? Full pellet customer review

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Full pellet customer review with details and illustration for Alpha Plam commo pellet stove and others.

Pellet customer review

Proper operation of the stove depends on the choice of pellets. Poor quality of pellets leads to problems obtaining the desired energy value and directly affects the quality of heating on the premises. Indirectly affects the maintenance of the furnace (makes it difficult to ignite and burn, makes it difficult to clean the furnace, can lead to errors in the furnace operation, and reduces the life). The pellets must be stored in a dry place. It is not desirable to store pellets in bags exposed to atmospheric conditions. Too wet pellets lead to poor combustion and can also lead to blockage of the screw conveyor.

Pellet consumption depends on many factors and directly depends on how many hours the stove will work during the day and at what power. The pellet stove can operate on one of 5 power levels, depending on which one you choose or which electronics automatically selects based on the system parameters. Pellet consumption at each power is different. For example, our 21 kW stove, the one we do full pellet customer review, consumes 1.6 kg of pellets at minimum power and consumes 4.8 kilograms of pellets per hour at maximum power. You can find the consumption for each furnace in the technical characteristics.

The thermal power of one kilogram of pellets ranges from 4.6 to 5 KWh / kg depending on the manufacturer, ie. Types and quality of the pellets. One ton of pellets accommodates 3 – 3.5 meters of wood. Spring is the best time to buy pellets and change your heating system or even do home repairs.

Heating costs

Heating costs also depend on many factors. It may sound overly optimistic, but a well-designed pellet heating system can be cheaper than wood heating. A wood-fired boiler, especially when the heating season is over when dirt accumulates in the drainage channels, can swallow a lot of wood. A house of 150 square meters can burn up to 20 meters of wood per season. For such an area, four to five tons of pellets should be enough. The prices of wood and pellets, as the year goes by, are growing equally.

However, five tons of pellets are generally always cheaper than 20 meters of wood. It is best to buy pellets in the spring. Then the pellet sellers have the lowest turnover, so the prices are the lowest. You only need to get into that rhythm once because postponing a purchase means a much higher cost.

Installation costs

The first cost is the purchase of a boiler or a stove. The boiler is selected depending on the area to be heated. The costs vary depending on the boiler manufacturer. How many kilowatts per square meter depends on many factors, such as the quality of construction, the quality of carpentry, insulation with an uninsulated house. However, this should be taken as the roughest orientation when choosing a boiler. Of course, it should always be slightly higher than the obtained budget, to ensure work without load even during the biggest winter minuses.

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Pellet stove

What does the customer need to know?

Electricity is needed for the operation of the furnace because, in addition to electronics, it has a pair of motors, an electric lighter, and a furnace with a boiler, a pump. The average power consumption is about 100 W per hour. Full pellet customer review with details and what customers need to know.

The user can set:

  • Ambient temperatures (a room where the stove is located), 
  • Boiler water temperatures (for furnaces with a boiler), 
  • Furnace power. 
  • After reaching the set temperature (water or ambiance), the stove reduces the operating power and enters the modulation mode (operation with minimum power – flame maintenance) or enters the Stand-By (standby mode) and returns to normal operation when these temperatures drop.
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pellet bag

Why should we use more clean energy?

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