JYSK Solar Lamp EDERFUGL Good or not? Full Review!

JYSK solar lamp

In JYSK, there is an affordable variety of outdoor solar lamps. However, are all of them good or not? JYSK solar lamps are a great solution for your yard or garden or any other outdoor lights. Here’s a full review of the EDERFUGL solar lamp.

The most basic parts are in every solar lamp. The lamp consists of a 1.2 volts battery, a small solar panel, a light switch, an LED, one resistor, and a small electrical circuit.

The principle of operation of a solar lamp is also simple. While the sun is shining, the voltage of the solar cell keeps the transistor closed. During that time, the batteries are across charged. When the sun disappears, the resistor allows the LED to light up, which begins to glow until the batteries are discharged.

If you are looking for outdoor lighting, you may still not be sure what is best for you. There is a wide range of garden lighting products on the market, each unique and incomparable in its way.

Here’s something more about the JYSK solar lamp-EDERFUGL. As their name suggests, their source of energy is the sun, and they are as attractive as they are functional.

JYSK Solar Lamp EDERFUGL- Specification

The material of the solar lamp is glass and stainless steel. The glass can be of a different color. The small solar panel can be found on the lamps’ top.

The size of the solar lamp is very convenient. The diameter is about 9-10 cm, and the height is about 18-20 cm. Jysk solar lamps are recommended for an outdoor ambient. However, they only need to be outside to chare you can only use them inside once they are fully charged.

There are in total 5 light bulbs/LED inside, with a lumen scale of 5. The lighting time is approximately 5 hours because they use one pcs of batteries type polycrystal. The size of the batteries is CR2032.

They are very easy to mount. Unscrew the upper part of the bulb under the solar panel. You will find a switch there. Turn the switch on and put the cover back. That is all.

solar lamp ederfugl
Jysk Solar Lamp EDERFUGL

How to Install Jysk Solar Lamps Outdoors

If you already have a garden or outdoor solar lamps, then you probably know how easy they are to install.

Luckily, they are very practical are save you some money. They do not cost you any effort, time, or nerves.

A great alternative to traditional outdoor lighting, and in addition to being free in practice, they have the advantages of simple and efficient making and easy installation anywhere.

Installation is very easy, just choose a place for your solar lamps and place them there. Keep in mind that during the day, they need to be exposed to the sunlight to charge. No cables nor power, or any type of complicated manual.

In addition, they are easy to maintain, because they use solar energy instead of electricity, which means that each lamp is independent and will serve you for years without any problems.

solar lamp ederfugl
Jysk Solar Lamp EDERFUGL

My experince with Jysk solar lamps

The main reason I wanted to replace my old outdoor lighting is that solar lamps are environmentally friendly. In addition to being necessary for safe movement in the garden during the night, lighting in the garden can provide a special visual and aesthetic experience.

I generally I am satisfied with the quality of these solar lamps. For me, they are bright enough, and if they are not, you can always add a bit extra.

If they seem too affordable and do not inspire confidence, you can try more expensive variants. I also tried more expensive variants that did not turn out to be significantly better and longer-lasting.

This type of solar lamp is sold in various shapes, colors.
As for the covered parts of the yard, the type of pavilion, terrace, pergola, and the like.

You can place them anywhere, even in hard-to-reach places where it is impossible to lay cables and turn on the power. This allows you to illuminate and highlight objects in your garden in a previously impossible way.


Some models are more elegant than others or have stronger light than others. There are a large number of variations when you choose lighting according to needs and desires.

Here are some examples of outdoor lighting, top-3-solar-lights-for-outdoor.

Solar lighting is perhaps one of the key factors to consider when choosing lamps for the outdoor in general.

Many people choose the low price option, which, however, turns out to be great. It is advisable to try these light bulbs for the reasons listed above. 

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