Saving energy on traffic and transport

electric car

The main emphasis in saving energy on traffic and transport is the reduction of road transport and development, sustainable and efficient public transport, and information indirectly related to sustainable mobility policy (cycle paths, public transport, use of biofuels, etc.)

In data on energy consumption in traffic, it should be taken into account that is the nature of this sector in that most of the fuel is consumed outside the local community or into it brings. Therefore, it is practically impossible to determine and find this type of energy consumption, i.e., indicators according to which energy efficiency use in transport is measured in the local community. Local communities that have organized public transport should include this activity in the consumption analysis. It encompasses several vehicles in public road transport, status, age of vehicles, and annual consumption by type of fuel for these vehicles.


Imagine going to visit a fellow who lives at a distance of 30 miles from you. To get there, you need energy, but the amount of energy depends on how you will travel. If you are an athlete or in good shape, it may be best to ride a bike. Your body will need energy in the form of food. Converted food into energy, and then use that energy to convert into power, to be able to bike cross that path. Riding a bike is the best way to travel short distances. Firstly, it is eco-friendly, and secondly, it is healthy. In return, you may prefer to go by bus.

Waste fuel consumption of the bus would be approximately one-quarter of a gallon, which is equal to the energy you used to ride a bike. Let’s have the same example but a different transport system. If we are saving energy on traffic and transport, we need to look over every possible option. If you drive in a car instead, consumption fuel is one gallon for about the same energy you used to ride a bike. One gallon of fuel is a lot to spend for a single person on a short trip.

The different transport methods in this example are different in the amounts of energy needed to achieve the same results. In the end, we are saving energy on traffic and transport if we are using the lowest possible portion of energy. In this case, that is a bike. High consumption the energy in the example of car use is the result of its large loss in the engine (heat). And add the work required to start the car itself heavy over 1000 kg, along with your weight.

Saving energy on traffic

Car and plane are the vehicles that consume the most energy. However, on short distances bike is saving energy on traffic the most. Public transport, such as bus, train, tram transport, and the subway is an energy-efficient mode of transportation. For our society to achieve energy savings in the field of transport, it is necessary to develop public transport and make it attractive an alternative to using a car. It’s not just people being transported. Various large goods are also transported distances, starting from the initial raw materials that enter the production process up to the final products being transported in stores.

Simple measures we can apply: Plan for your activities to include the use of public transportation on long-distance trips; Use a bike or go on foot whenever possible and safe; Buy domestic products because they are spent on their transport less energy. 

Other measures:

>> It is necessary to plan the city infrastructure so that includes efficient public transport;

>> Improving the energy efficiency of motor vehicles


Electrics cars

Most electric cars have a fantastic acceleration of up to 60 and even up to 80 mph. Also, they have a fantastic coefficient of air resistance because they do not have to follow the design rules. It guarantees better acceleration, higher top speed, and more mileage per charge. Most developed countries offer subsidies of a few thousand dollars for the purchase of an electric car. Also, many cities offer various other privileges. This is the best way of saving energy on traffic. In addition to free public chargers, there is also free parking, as well as, a lower price of vehicle registration.

Another feature of an electric car is, maintenance costs are low. The electric motor has few moving parts, so maintenance is simple and cheap. They are very reliable, too. Precisely for the above reasons, the reliability is at a very high level. A small part of the moving parts inside the electric motor itself is a big plus. Electric cars are noiseless, which would significantly contribute to noise reduction. And the best feature of the electric car in the way of saving energy on traffic is no emission of harmful gases. Electric cars are environmentally friendly, they do not emit any harmful gases, which is a great virtue of such models.

Electric car

Electric scooter

The electric scooter is gradually becoming the most attractive means of transportation. Especially when we talk about the way to work and how to avoid the crowds in the city. Around the car, you always have to think about parking space, how much time you will waste on it and how long it will take you to work and back because you never know what kind of crowds are waiting for you on the road. With an electric scooter, you can get rid of stress and enjoy the fresh air while driving to work. And the best feature of the electric scooter in saving energy on traffic is no emission of harmful gases.

An electric scooter is a more environmentally friendly solution than a car. When riding an electric scooter, no harmful gases are released into the air and the environment, which makes it a hundred percent environmentally friendly. Therefore, in addition to enjoying the air while driving, you contribute to the environment. It is the best solution for avoiding traffic jams. You will most likely ride on the sidewalk with your electric scooter, so you have to take care of all road users. E-scooters are easy to transport. Most of the electric scooters are foldable, so they are easy to carry anywhere with you. Whether you go to work, the city, or school, an electric scooter can always be with you.


In a world, where the need for energy is growing rapidly from year to year, it is important to save energy whenever it is possible. Starting from your home and moving to the local community. The last step is global. Saving energy on traffic and transport can be both local and global. In your local community, you can switch to an electric car and electric scooter for longer distances. And ride a bike and walk for shorter distances. Your choices should be environmentally friendly as a way of saving energy on traffic.

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