Causes, effects, and solutions to the world energy crisis

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The world energy crisis is a lack of resources around the world, and therefore, a politically questionable concept. The new challenge is energy and its slow price growth on the stock market. Defining the public interest related to the amount of power and the distribution of control over energy use can lead in two opposite directions. Universal social constraints will be the inevitable consequence of ecological limits in the full utilization of energy, which are now imposed by industrial planners determined to keep production at some hypothetical maximum.

Energy independence has only just begun to develop as an idea. The local field of action of the crisis is as important as the world. Local energy shortages will only be a consequence of the world energy crisis. Every household should have its solar energy system, solar panels from where it would be additionally supplied with electricity. Besides, wind energy should be added as a significant source of energy.

Only now is humanity realizing what a problem the lack of electricity can be, along with the lack of drinking water and food (necessary companions of every crisis). Recently, many countries lifted the long-standing moratorium on the construction of nuclear power plants, the most important of which is the United States. Thus, in the USA, there is huge exploitation of oil wells. But we will see how long the market can be “patched” like that. However, green energy can certainly be the fastest way to meet the energy needs in the near and distant future!

The world energy crisis in electricity and fuel

The first world countries talk more about the world energy crisis. The extraordinary and unexpected situations that would arise if they don’t sufficiently provide access to cheap electricity energy and energy from oil. There is no doubt that there will be reserves oil deplete sooner or later – and what will we then use as fuel? Every day huge efforts are being made in finding new sources of oil. Besides, new and more modern nuclear power plants and large power plants are build that uses some other types of fuel.

According to science, the world oil reserves will last for another hundred years, while reserves will natural gas will be available only for about half that time. Until now, it has not been so interesting to invest in more efficient use of energy or in smaller power plants that use renewable energy, but this trend may be nonetheless it is finally starting to change. It all depends on all of us, on every citizen of the world. 

Fuel crisis

Most of the developed countries of the world are still facing the danger of the world energy crisis that may occur in the future. A significant number of people already today feel all the brutality of the world energy crisis. For example, a catastrophic lack of firewood for cooking and heating water and homes. Compared to industrialized countries, the average energy consumption in most countries is meaningful. Forests are the most important source of energy in these countries. Almost every resident rural area entirely or partly dependent on firewood for preparing food and heating. In many cities, charcoal and wood are the most important energy sources for the poor and the middle class because they’ve been free or very cheap.

According to UN statistics, millions of people already live in the areas today where the amount of wood consumed exceeds the amount which grows back.

Destruction of forest areas no it can be extended to infinity. Also, fuel and otherwise it becomes more and more expensive, and until a few years ago, there have been no alternatives to conventional fuels. For many, people renewable energy sources are still unaffordable. It is more expensive for people to cook soup than to get groceries. Also, parasites from unboiled water represent a direct threat to health. Lack of firewood in extremely cold areas such as the Himalayas, the Andes, and other mountain ranges leads to people not being able to light a fire to warmed up. Besides, when people are cold, they are much more susceptible to various diseases.

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Crisis causes and effects

Wood, coal, dried animal excrement, and household waste continue to be the most important source of energy in many undeveloped countries. Every day, two billion people use meals prepared on charcoal or wood. Half of its felled trees and shrubs are used for food preparation and heating. One and a half billion people can’t get enough wood. They spend most of their time looking for firewood, constantly crossing large areas, so for them, the lack of woodpile is in itself the world energy crisis. When agricultural waste and animal excrement are used as fuel, large amounts of vital fertilizers do not return to the soil.

It reduces soil fertility leading to poorer crop growth and the poorer quality of grass pastures that are key to the survival of many people in developing countries. The world energy crisis is most felt by poor and developing countries. Others, who can afford it, switch to more affordable energy sources or import fuel. In areas where there is still enough forest, the poor people often do not have the right to collect wood. How wood and charcoal become a commercial product, and thus their price rises, the workers and farmers who hold the land under lease lose the rights they once had to collect wood or plant waste from holdings.

In Nepal, India, and Bangladesh, the poorest are often forced to steal wood from state forests or private estates, thereby risking paying a fine or going to jail. The world energy crisis in developing countries is a striking example of a situation where the poor, in their struggle for survival today, is destroying the foundation of their future survival. They do this not because they do not understand the consequences but because they have no other choice. They are the number one problem to the world energy crisis.

Saving energy


Globally, there is interest in use today various types of renewable energy in a significant increase. It is especially true of energy sources such as are sun, wind, and biomass energy. These are the only solution to the world energy crisis. Over the past two decades, these renewable energy sources have been significantly increasing their competitiveness in oil, gas, coal, and nuclear energy. If this trend continues, renewable energy sources will conquer most of the energy markets. Today we already see that renewable energy sources could win the race with the construction of new nuclear ones power plant.

The situation in this area is very interesting because it is renewable energy sources today follow the same development trends as oil in the previous hundred years. In other words, the challenges we have to face in this area to face are immeasurable, and each of us, within its limits opportunities must do everything to respond to these challenges. We can start with the simplest challenge, which is most interesting to many of us from an economic point of viewpoint. And that is to learn how to solve the world energy crisis for the environment most acceptable.

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