What are 7 basic examples of green technology?

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Green technology is by definition environmentally friendly. Seven basic examples of green technology are solar panels, recycling, electric vehicles, vertical gardens, water purification, nuclear power, and bicycle.

All examples of green technology, also known as sustainable technology, have long-term and short-term impacts on the environment. Energy efficiency, recycling, health and safety, renewables, and more contain a green product or technology.

Climate change has accelerated during the Industrial Revolution, resulting in increased droughts, depletion of groundwater reserves, saltwater acidification, rising seawater, the rapid spread of illnesses and macroparasites, and species extinctions.

Green technology offers us the best hope to combat the effects of climate change and pollution. The world has a certain amount of natural resources, some of which have already been depleted or depleted. For example, batteries and electronics often contain hazardous chemicals that contaminate soil, and groundwater chemicals cannot be removed from our drinking water supply and transferred to food and livestock crops grown on contaminated soil. Only the health risks are staggering.

Solar panels

Solar panels
Solar panels

If you want to cut your monthly electricity bills, then solar panels are for you. The best systems do not have batteries, i.e., the principle of operation of such systems is that everything produced from solar panels is sent directly to consumption. If your motivation is savings and investment in solar energy, then these are the right systems for you.

We recognized the current moment and the importance of using renewable energy sources. The sun is our inexhaustible source of energy, and we can show you how to use that energy wisely. Reduce consumption, save and be environmentally responsible.

Think green, choose the sun, and one of the best examples of green technology!

Why is recycling second of best examples of green technology?

Because it recycles waste material, it is the second-best option. It enables it to be put to useful use.

Researchers said that emissions, which contribute to global warming, would be drastically reduced if paper production and recycling used energy from renewable sources. They made models for scenarios of how to return the paper to use.

In contrast, a radical modernization of waste paper management would reduce emissions by up to 591 tonnes, while switching to renewables with current recycling and disposal practices would eliminate 96 percent of emissions, at 28 tonnes.

Other materials can be recycled too, for example, plastic.

Electric vehicles

electric cars
Electric cars

Electric vehicles have become a mainstream term in recent years, influenced by the popularity of Toyota’s hybrid, the Prius. Public demand for more electric car options has motivated several small, innovative startups to enter the automotive power, despite huge capital and regulatory barriers to entry.

The biggest attention of these companies is Tesla which was founded by Elon Musk. However, Tesla is not the only star in the mix, because Fisker, based in Southern California, previously successfully introduced his plug-in hybrid sedan, Karma.

Besides electric cars, there are bicycles, scooters, etc.

Vertical gardens

Vertical farming is another examples of green technology that can help alleviate our food supply issues while also saving energy and providing numerous environmental benefits. The plan is to grow vertically rather than horizontally in stacked layers.

Most vertical farms do not even require soil, resulting in a tenfold reduction in water consumption. They also do not require watering routines that wastewater and they reduce the intense noise pollution that comes from outside as well as that which you can generate. Vertical farms can be set up in buildings all over cities to provide people with fresh and nutritious food.

Water purification

Some of the standard methods of drinking water conditioning are:

  •  aeration
  •  sedimentation
  •  filtration
  •  deferrization
  •  softening
  •  disinfection 

The methods of purification of drinking water depend on the quality of raw water.

Reverse osmosis, for example, is a technology used to remove pollutants from water such as nitrates, pesticides, sulfates, fluorides, bacteria, pharmaceuticals, and arsenic while pressurized water passes through a semipermeable membrane. The membrane removes pollutants dissolved in water by passing pressurized water through it. What’s left is tasty, clean drinking water.

Nuclear power

gas mask
Gas masks

Unlike thermal power plants, which use coal to produce electricity, nuclear power plants use heat from a chemical reaction inside a nuclear reactor as an energy source.

Instead of coal, they use radioactive uranium and plutonium they are later transformed into electricity in a controlled chain reaction.

The heat obtained by the fission of uranium and plutonium atoms changes into mechanical energy in turbines. The turbine then drives a generator which mechanical energy converts into electrical energy.

Nuclear electricity must be part of the solution in combating climate change, but also for the current energy crisis. Nuclear power plants are low on our list of examples of green technology because they are extremely expensive, and there is a risk of radioactive waste. We also point out that their construction takes a very long time.


Bicyclists can now benefit from some gyms in addition to burning their own calories. Specifically, new technology has enabled the energy they invest in cycling to be converted into electricity, saving gyms money on electricity and providing riders with an additional incentive to exercise more vigorously.

Fixed bicycles in the gym have recently been modified with “green revolution” technology, which converts every bicycle into an electric generator. As a result of the technology, drivers can generate electricity with each pedal turn. This is the last on our list of the seven basic examples of green technology but equally significant.

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