Why should we use more clean energy?

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If you ever asked yourself why we should use more clean energy, here’s an answer. Other synonyms for clean energy are renewable energy or alternative energy. The adjectives “clean” and “renewable” and “alternative” speak for themselves. It basically means that we use resources that are more environmentally friendly. That way, we can try to save the planet Earth. Of course, when we switch from old-fashioned to a modern source of energy and power, we also need to adopt the technology. One follows the other since with the new sources of energy, we need new technology. Green technology is a term that we use in products or services or anything industrial, that as a source or power uses clean energy. 

The term Greentech includes all the categories that fall under clean energy but also covers the sections of clean water, clean ear, environmental cleanup (air, water, and soil), recycling, and removing toxic substances from everyday products. When the public talks about switching to renewable energy sources, the question is often asked, how much it will cost. While this issue was relevant a few decades ago, that is no longer the case. Recent studies showed that it is now cheaper to produce electricity from clean sources in most parts of the world than by burning coal. And predictions are that in the next few years, it will become more economically viable to build a new solar power plant or wind farm!

The old energy sources

The side effects of using fossil fuels were known long before we became aware of the dangers posed by climate change. In short, the smoke, stench, and soot created by burning coal and oil are something we can experience directly, and the senses, in that case, tell us that these substances are not particularly good for our health.

However, despite all of this, we have used fossil fuels for years because they were an easily accessible and easily usable source of energy. Coal, oil, and gas have provided for the development of our entire civilization. But people have always dreamed of a cleaner way to obtain power and use the unlimited potentials of the sun and wind.

Sadly, these non-renewable energy sources currently bring the world the most energy. Today approximately 85-90% of power is obtained from the so-called fossil fuels (oil, coal, gas), and only about 8% of power comes from nuclear power plants, and 3.3% of energy comes from renewable energy sources. However, nowadays almost every serious industry is trying to switch to clean sources, as well as responsible individuals.

Therefore it is believed that humanity will remain from the next century without these essential energy sources for the world. There have been no significant changes in coal consumption recently. That is understandable because exploitation technologies have reached maturity, so there are no good opportunities to progress.

More clean energy in our homes

The world is divided into developed and underdeveloped parts. The developed part of the world turns to clear energy. While the undeveloped part of the world, trying only to survive, does not have enough awareness of it. Many of the people in the developing world want to eventually have the same type of homes, electric appliances, and vehicles as Americans, Europeans, and Japanese. Right now, people in the developing world use a fraction of the electricity used in the developed world. Even though China has more than four times as many people as the USA, for example, it uses one-third less electricity.

China is already struggling to meet its current electricity demand. Let alone meet potential requests running as high as six times the current level. China is already choking on its coal-fired power plants, which are also sending pollution across the Pacific Ocean to the other countries.

There are some examples of how to use more clean energy to save money:
· Main solar panels,
· Measurement panel
· Luminaires and Led lights

Solar panels combined with LED lighting are a winning combination for any average home. However, if you can afford to buy, then there is no other reason why you shouldn’t switch to electric vehicles. Not just that, you will help with the reduction of gas emissions, but you also save your gas money. The best combination is solar panels and electric cars. That way, you are not paying for electricity nor gas. Most of the developed countries are helping their citizens with subvention and favorable bank loans. Although the prices of solar panels are lower and more affordable, you can save even more money if you make your home more energy efficient before installing solar panels.

Benefits of clean energy

1. It is renewable.

This type of energy produces electricity that will never run out. Therefore, if we are using solar panels, the Sun only source we need. The same way we will use hydroelectricity, as long as we have water, we will have our energy sources. 

2. The flexibility.

The flexibility and storage capacity of solar panels and hydroelectric power plants make them more effective and economical.

3. Price stability.

Clean energy is the only renewable source of electricity and its cost-benefit ratio, adaptability, versatility, and safety. Once you buy equipment for your home, there are fewer monthly maintenance costs.

4. Helps fight climate changes.

It helps with the effect of greenhouse gases (GHG). In emitting less GHG than power plants driven by gas, coal, or oil, clean energy can help retard global warming. 

5. Improves the air we breathe.

Solar panels, electric cars, hydroelectric power plants are not releasing pollutants into the air. They very often substitute the generation from fossil fuels, thus reducing acid rain and smog. Since air is one of the preconditions for life, then this benefit is the most important. People who live in Beijing, for example, know how difficult it is to live with gas masks and without clean air. Let’s not let us all be Beijing one day.

6. Clean and cheap energy for today and tomorrow.

By reducing the use of non-renewable energy sources and increasing the use of renewable energy sources, we certainly leave our descendants a cleaner place to live. The fewer resources we spend today, the more resources we will have tomorrow.

Considering all the benefits of solar energy, some people decide to invest. Sustainable investing is a long-term financing leaning that has a significant potential to pay off big for the investor. People choose this type of investment in solar energy that’s great for the environment and even better for your investment accounts. For example, see a new solar investing opportunity (expected returns of 10%-20% per year).

For all the reasons listed above, think about how to use more clean energy in your home. Start small, with changing light bulbs, and then you move on to something bigger. To use more clean energy, for starters, all you need is the power of will.

The green evolution- use more clean energy


Preserving energy is something that everyone can participate in – it is necessary to start making wise decisions today. By 2050, we could get all the energy and power we need from renewable sources. Clean, low cost, environment-friendly energy, that would be enough for the entire population.

That would solve most of the problems related to climate change and the increasingly rare sources of fossil fuels. The world must move from the unsustainable energy paradigm in which it currently finds itself to a future entirely driven by renewable energy.

Only such a transition can help us avoid the most terrible consequences of climate change. Be the change you want in the world. For all the reasons listed above, think about how to use more clean energy in your home. Start with yourself and your home, use more clean energy.

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